1st Prize
for the new bridge over the Pora torrent
in Finale Ligure

Nuovo Ponte sul Torrente Pora – Finale Ligure

competition for a new bridge in Finale Ligure

HQ Campus

headquarter for a software house

Solidarity Emporio

a landing place for a circular economy made up of people and for the people

Architecture that improves life

We take care of conceiving and creating spaces and places for life.
Our task is to give a physical and tangible response to the complexity of the projects that current events put before us: we do this by sharing our daily work with thirty young colleagues and collaborating closely with highly specialized professionals and partner companies. Thanks to this team we design ethical, beautiful, useful and durable projects.

In the development of each project we also keep in mind the definition of the interior environments. Considering interior design not only as an activity for completing the architectural project, but a real, freer and more immediate creative opportunity is our leading force.

Environmental sustainability, social impact and economic management of the project are the key aspects that guide our work at every scale of the bigger picture.


We work to build a context of collaboration and virtuous relationship. We combine the knowledge of different individuals to generate ideas or solve problems in a more effective and innovative way.


Two large conceptual containers from which to draw to build the validation method of each design decision. Thus, each project becomes an opportunity to build a context of values in which to identify and determine a truly positive impact.