How we work

We dream,
we design and build
spaces for work, meet
and places to live

Pier Currà Architettura offers specific and balanced architectural projects designed by applying ethical and aesthetic values ​​that guarantee a construction with a positive and conscious impact.

We believe in combining an attention to the constraints dictated by pre-existing conditions, regulations, economic and environmental situations, together with a sensitivity to intangible dimensions: respect for the client’s identity, user’s expectations, growth of urban and landscape context as well as its specific society.

Technical evaluations and data analysis nourish the creativity of design intuitions creating a language that is open to experimentation and aware of the tradition in which it will be built. The result is a clear, calibrated, effective and pragmatic architecture that responds to the complexity of a huge variety of themes.

This method in addition to a continuous collaboration with other specialized disciplines grants us to confront different challenges among a broad spectrum of different variables. The opportunities are countless and they are a result of new technology and research so as to achieve the best coexistence between architecture, people and environment.

The importance of the method

We believe that a successful project depends not only on the ability to generate extraordinary creative ideas, but on the quality of the whole process that transforms the design into construction. Making architecture today means being able to combine two apparently opposite worlds: capitalist supremacy, which translates every area of the project into numbers and performance, and the social impact, which speaks the language of composition, history and landscape.

In this context, the organization and development of a precise method plays a fundamental role in not getting lost in the project: there are in fact dozens and dozens of “forces” that can interfere with the development of an idea. In this complexity of needs, opportunities, requirements, costs, standards, performances etc…the ability to synthesize plays a fundamental role for contemporary architecture. This is the reason why our team is a multidisciplinary one made up of young creatives and specialized technicians who work closely together, putting all the needs focused on the project’s goals.

The system of values

We have identified key values that today constitute the perimeter of intervention of the entire company and the acceptance criterion of the ideas that during the project will be the answers of the requested program. These values refer to the two great conceptual containers that merge in the term “architecture “: the Archè and the Tèchne. These are the first principles that regulate an idea and the most suitable techniques to put them into practice:

Archè, the values for an aesthetic culture:
– giving meaning to the form
– create in and with the surroundings
– learn about tradition to seek innovation

Techne, the values for an ethical culture:
– contribute to the ecological transition
– create a design for the people
– promote inclusion and ability to share

The ethical component has always played an important role within our firm. We are sustainability experts, scientific authors, LEED Green Associate, Passivhaus Tradesperson Trainers and Active House planners. Thanks to all these skills, we know how to design ecological, light buildings with a positive energy balance and capable of not aggravating the ongoing environmental emergency.

With regard to the aesthetic component, there is another emergency: the lack of meaning and cultural support to which a certain part of society seems to have become accustomed. Our job, in different forms, can try to reconstruct a context of values in which to reflect and find oneself. It can be done in different ways: through projects rich in contents, references, specific identities, and through the use of art, history and landscape.

sistema di valori - come lavoriamo - Piercurra architettura
Impatto positivo e consapevole - come lavoriamo - Piercurra architettura

Positive and conscious impact

We have developed a design method that follows two tracks. Thanks to this, we work more carefully on the connection between the intangible aspect of ideas and the tangible one of construction.
The design team confronts itself with the culture, history and the most innovative ideas through continuous research. They recover images, case studies, references, quotes and suggestions capable of “fertilizing” the creative opportunities that the project evolution requires. They place themselves in the wake of an important tradition such as that of Italian design, in an attempt to become its custodians and innovators. At the same time, the study of the project’s performance takes place from the earliest stages of conception: through very detailed virtual tests and simulations. We perfect the environmental conditions inside the building as much as possible and reduce the expected consumption. Each project is then optimized and validated by combining technical needs and creative opportunities, thanks to the work guided by the ethical and aesthetic values mentioned above. Sometimes, depending on the economic context, the program or the type of assignment, the result can acquire an identity closer to the former rather than the latter, or vice versa, and this awareness makes our firm an organization committed to always producing a positive impact.

Even when this involves the need for confrontation and mediation with the highly complex needs and implications of the real world.

Intelligenza condivisa - come lavoriamo - Piercurra architettura

Shared intelligence

We work closely with public and private clients with the aim of designing buildings that constitute a unique and integrated ecosystem together with their surroundings and promote the well-being of those who use them. We carry out: dynamic energy analyses of the buildings’ behaviour, structural assessments and apply “intelligent data-driven logistics” solutions for the design of work and production spaces. In close contact with our partners, we plan to use technological solutions with a low “grey energy” content so that the sustainability of our work is really visible and measurable.

Organized planning

We believe that the key to the success of a project is the clarity of the client’s intentions and the designer’s ability to synthesise. For this reason, our work starts by supporting the client in defining the work program and in asking the “right question” to the team. Furthermore, the design process is developed in 7 operational phases which follow, translating them to the Italian context, the international RIBA – Plan of Work process and allow the customer to be accompanied with clarity and detail from the first phases of the project to the completion of construction.

Progettazione organizzata - come lavoriamo - Piercurra architettura
Innovazione ed impegno attivo - come lavoriamo - Piercurra architettura

Innovation and active commitment

Our multidisciplinary team and constant collaboration with specialised partners allows the transversal sharing of knowledge within the studio. This is further enhanced by the relationships and teaching experiences within the University (University of Bologna and the European Institute of Design of Milan) and the public institutions.


We have developed concepts and created constructions and fittings for companies active in the fashion, food, logistics, digital, human resources and sport sectors.

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logitrans client - Piercurra architettura
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