cocktail bar in the historic city centre

Lumen is an innovative cocktail-bar and it is built near the Roovido gourmet pizzeria, another place commissioned by the same entrepreneurs and also created by the studio. At the time of the renovation, the restaurant had a large, narrow and high room, difficult to furnish and with an uncertain hierarchy of spaces. The project takes shape precisely from this initial criticality by creating a large barrel vault defined by wooden slats and suspended over the central hall dedicated to tables and chairs. The insertion of the new lowered ceiling re-proportiones the internal space and defines the various functional areas of the room: serving and consumption. As in Roovido, natural and authentic materials have also been used here: the perimeter walls are treated with a coating of hemp sheets that are subsequently dyed and scratched, while for the flooring we opted for a ‘ceppo di Gré stone’ which completes, with its dark grey colour, the atmosphere in dim light where the accents of light outline the volumes of the furnishings and environments. On the sides of the room we find a series of custom-designed tables made of burnished brass and burnt wood. The same dualism of brightness and roughness has been re-proposed for the counter, which forms the perspective of the large single central nave. Here too, a succession of brass blades and burnt wooden slats combined with absolute black granite complete a micro-architecture of light and tactile hints. This is the ideal place to leave the frenzy of everyday life and devote yourself to taste and the exploration of flavours.

Project details


Piazza del Popolo, 47521, Cesena, Italia,




cocktail bar





Total surface:

200 m²



Project cost:




Team PCA:

arch. Pier Nicola Currá | arch. Nicolas Piazza (Project Leader) | arch. Matteo Giulianelli | arch. Martina Pedrelli


MEP: ing Paride Scarpellini | Elektra service srl; kitchen: Casta srl


arch. Nicolas Piazza